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About Us

Our Story

The Quinta da Torre was the dream of the owner, José Manuel Mendes, who in 1995 bought a forgotten farmhouse and turned it into a modern and inspiring place. The farmhouse is surrounded by a great landscape beauty with great access, near the town centre of Marco de Canaveses. Quinta da Torre is a constant appeal to the senses with illuminated garden areas, ponds and running waters. The welcoming and poetic environment makes Quinta da Torre the ideal place to realize all kind of social or business events.

Our Wines

S. Caetano wines are the result of a careful selection of the best Quinta da Torre grapes. Quinta da Torre has its production based in an ​​eight acres area of vines with a high level of sunlight, bringing together the ideal conditions to make history with traditional varieties of the region as Azal, Arinto, Alvarinho, Espadeiro, Vinhão and Loureiro. Quinta da Torre has an average annual production of 50,000 bottles, being careful to select the best grapes. S. Caetano are the best wines of the Demarcated Region of White Wines.

S. Caetano around the world

S. Caetano Wines have traveled the world and conquered several markets. The success of Vinhos Verdes led to a growing demand for our country and a bigger interest in our wines. Recently, a group of Japanese sommeliers visited Quinta da Torre and delighted with the best of the region.